Play Therapy

 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

​Traditional Counseling is a form of talk therapy, but often includes a broad spectrum of techniques and modalities. Unlike other counseling centers, Paws for Reflection Ranch offers alternative settings for traditional counseling. Many clients who opt for the traditional counseling route at the Ranch choose to have their session outside watching the horses graze, sitting under our covered porch, or strolling along the Nature Trail. Even in these sessions, all the benefits of the Ranch are available to the client. Additionally, when the weather is not conducive for outdoor sessions, there are multiple indoor spaces available for traditional counseling to ensure continuation of care. The Ranch offers a welcomed change to the hustle-bustle of everyday life. The natural environment provides an ideal place to break down challenges and quiet the mind.

We are very happy to now offer TeleHealth, or Distance Therapy, services at the Ranch. As the need has arisen for clients to continue counseling services, while still ensuring their safety in this time, we are glad to be able to rise to the challenge. Some Counselors are able to offer TeleHealth services from the Ranch, and some are offering this service remotely.

We have found that this form of Counseling service continues to meet the needs of our clients, while giving them the flexibility and security of meeting with Counselors from their own home. Paws for Reflection Ranch partners with and Zoom to provide these services, both of which are encrypted and HIPPA compliant platforms.

Whether you are needing to meet with a Counselor remotely during this time, or would like to receive Counseling Services through TeleHealth long term, the Ranch is able to meet your needs with qualified Counselors who are excited to be working through this new platform. Through TeleHealth we are able to provide Individual, Couples, Family and Parent Consultation Sessions. Paperwork can be completed via email, and payment can be taken through our website.

We are so happy to be able to continue providing high quality services to all our clients during this time.

Equine-Assisted Counseling

Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC) is a process guided by a licensed mental health professional trained to integrate the animal into the human experience to meet agreed upon clinical goals. With the assistance of an equine specialist, the therapy team offers activities, strategies, and interactions to allow the client to recognize dysfunctional behavior patterns, 
build healthy relationships, improve communication, build problem solving skills and develop coping strategies.

Horses provide a unique, real life relational experience. As social creatures craving safety and security with the herd, engaging with horses allows the client to experience relationships without judgment. Equine Assisted Counseling is an opportunity to safely explore the self and experiences past and present with the authentic response of both horse and human.

Horses are curious and social creatures whose trust in each other allows them to survive and thrive. Safety and trust are building blocks of the therapeutic relationship. No previous horse experience is necessary.

Our professional therapists will help you design a counseling program that is right for you and/or your child. ​ Working alongside equine professionals and our animal team, sessions will be structured to help you reach your goals, to assist you on your way to optimal mental health.

* *Telehealth Services now available * *

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from PTSD symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.  Studies show that people using EMDR therapy can experience the benefits of psychotherapy more quickly that with other therapies.  EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body can heal from physical trauma.  A study funded by HMO Kaiser Permanente found that 100% of single trauma victims and 77% of multiple trauma victims no longer were diagnosed with PTSD after only six 50 minute sessions.  EMDR therapy is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization, and Department of Defense as an effective form of treatment for trauma.

EMDR Therapy is an eight-phase treatment.  Eye movements (or other bilateral stimulation) are used during one part of the session.  After the clinician has determined which memory to target first, he asks the client to hold different aspects of that event or thought in mind and to use his eyes to track the therapist's hand as it moves back and forth in the client's field of vision.  As this happens, for reasons believed by a Harvard researcher to be connected to the biological mechanisms involved in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep,  internal associations arise and clients begin to process the memory and disturbing feelings.  The net effect is that clients conclude EMDR therapy feeling empowered by the very experiences that once debased them.   Their wounds have not just closed, they have transformed.

Animal-Assisted Counseling

Christian Counseling is also available at the Ranch. All of the answers to life are contained in God's Word. God provided us with this peaceful ranch setting and all of His wonderful Therapy Animals to help clients find peace, hope and healing. You can feel the Holy Spirit's presence when you first enter the Ranch. All of our other counseling program offerings can be led by a Christian Counselor.

"Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, be assured I will help you;
I will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand {a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation}.
​Isaiah 41:10

Traditional Counseling


Animal assisted counseling is an integration of qualified animals into the therapy process facilitated by a licensed mental health professional.  Our therapy team assists the client in building a safe and trusting relationship with both the animal and the therapist who serve as therapeutic agents of change.  Animals provide humans with both mental and physiological benefits that contribute to a more adaptive, healthy approach to life’s most difficult challenges.

Counseling Services

​​​One strength I have gained as I work through my brother's transition to Heaven is to live a life of purpose… I was only able to get to this point in my life, because of the help I received from the Ranch.  I don't think I could have gotten through the toughest part of my grief without your help and understanding. I emailed you out of desperation.  I truly was close to giving up on God and on life. God used your Ranch, staff, and the horses to show me that He is still a Mighty God who loves us and wants the best for us even in our pain. I can't say that I am over my brother's death, but I can truly say I have gained the hope that I can get through this- one day at a time. I am so grateful this Thanksgiving for the Ranch, and all the beautiful work you do. I would also like to know what your mailing address is, because I made a card for Bully. Since I didn't get to read it to him, I would still like to mail it to him. Thank you and may God continue to bless you abundantly!    

Equine Assisted Counseling Client

​​"Hi everyone, I’m Shelly and if you don’t know me, you know someone like me.  Someone whose life is affected every day by a trauma they have experienced and the mental images or sounds or smells that go with it.  But someone who needs what this place has to offer.

 For me it was the death of my mom.  She died in a surgical fire and the things I saw that day turned my entire world upside down.  Every single day I was haunted by the pictures in my head.  I had so much anger…and guilt….and grief.  It seemed like everything I saw or heard led right back to that hospital room and those images.  I was not ok.  I had heard of Paws before but I didn’t realize all of the counseling options they had to offer.  But at the end of a very rough day last year I just felt like I needed to come here and see if they could help me.  I started with the Equine Assisted Counseling, cuz horses are awesome!  I needed that interaction and the comfort that comes from working with horses and sometimes you just need to talk to a horse.  But then I transitioned to the EMDR Therapy to deal with all those images and flashbacks.  I’ll be honest, I really can’t explain why EMDR works but I can sure tell you it does.  It’s like it took those images that were in the very front of my brain - all day every day, in full Technicolor – and filed them back where they should have been.  They don’t cause that same strong physical reaction that they used to.  They’re no longer triggered by simple everyday things like they were.  They’re not gone, they’re just not in charge anymore; it's like they’re grayer.  I can tell you without a doubt it changed my life for the better and I’m so grateful for this place and the counselors here.  There are a lot of people out there like me.  And we need to make sure they can get the help they need. "   

                                                   A client of both Equine Assisted Counseling and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

"This hula hoop and the memories that fill and surround it, remind me every day of the miracles that God has done in my life. I remember when I first came to Paws just a little over a year ago, I was so broken and had lost all hope. But God put two of the most precious people in my life who were there for me when no one else was and they stayed by my side through so much. They were the first people in my life that built me up instead of tearing me down. They helped me to see that I was worth so much more than anything I had ever thought defined me. They helped me to find my strength and to realize that I can do anything! Today, I have hope and an amazing future ahead of me. I am free to be me. I am afraid of what would have happened to me had God not put them in my life when He did. For that reason, I will always be grateful. To everyone at Paws, thank you for being a part of my miracle. Stan, Melode, Jackie, Katelyn, and how could I ever forget my Ranger. I love you all so very much and you will always have a special place in my heart."     Equine Assisted Counseling Client

"My son is diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. After a failed stint in Play Therapy elsewhere, we chose Amy Andra at Paws for Reflection Ranch in hopes the change in atmosphere would work better. Not only did my son agree to exit the car when we arrived but he was eager to be there every chance he had! A far cry from the previous meltdowns we experienced each visit. Amy was not only compassionate to my son but empathetic to me. She partnered with me in strategies at home and school that we are still successfully using. My son has made great strides thanks to the love and support received from Amy and the other staff members. Melode and Stan have created a wonderful and healing environment for all who enter. I will recommend Paw for Reflection and Amy to any family seeking therapies."    

       Parent of Play Therapy Client

"This program was a God send for us! My gender dysphoric child and I got the help we needed that we could not have found elsewhere, especially in a small town. The ranch is so serene and peaceful it was like I was in therapy when I was just waiting for my child."         Charmaine M.

"We had an absolutely great experience at Paws for Reflection Ranch. The staff is very friendly, well-spoken, and professional with parents and children. There was never a moment I felt uncomfortable with the therapy animals. It is apparent that they are highly experienced and up to date in their training. I am so thankful to Melode and her staff for what they have done for my family and how they are serving their community."         Elizabeth Willis

"The minute you come on to the property you feel such a sense of peace! So many wonderful events and programs are offered through the Ranch by truly dedicated and caring individuals!"  Cheryl B.

Child centered play therapy focuses on the child's innate ability to grow and heal. It allows the child the freedom to make decisions and choices using their own natural language of play. The therapist is a facilitator tracking and processing with the child , providing an environment where the child feels safe to explore. Child centered play therapy is a means to assist the child with many things including self-esteem, independence, trauma, self-regulation, anxiety, depression, grief, social skills, and other issues they may experience in their world. They may choose to partner with one of our small animals or miniature equines, adding the elements of relationship and empathy-building to this mode of counseling.

A word from our Clients...

Christian Counseling