Team Building - With a Purpose

Pull on your boots and grab your cowboy hat. ​Let's take your business to the next level!

This service is a fundraising activity for the ranch.   You direct the fees to the programs and services of your choice to help others receive our counseling and therapy services.

Harmony in the Herd

Let the wisdom of the horses help you create a clear vision for the future tied to an action plan. Through "horseplay", you will identify and remove barriers leaving a clear path to your business success. Let us show you how herd dynamics influence the work environment which in turn influences your success in creating Harmony in the Herd.

Why horses? In the pasture, behavior  that may be perceived as strong leadership skills in business are quickly determined to be useless. Managing horses requires a cooperative approach - "TEAM WORK". Horses are extremely perceptive. They can sense when someone's energy doesn't feel genuine or doesn't match their body language. If you are bossy, overconfident, or inauthentic, horses tune you out. They choose not to participate with you. Under pressure, some humans treat the horses like recalcitrant co-workers. They issue orders, make threats, dangle treats and other incentives. None of this will work with horses, just as it probably is not effective in the workplace. Participants learn to engage the horse as a partner, by developing a relationship.  Horses cannot fix a company's culture, but they can hold up a mirror to behavior that is creating a rift. Horses have a distinct hierarchy, a pecking order. This herd structure easily translates into the business world.

Highlights of Harmony in the Herd include:

* Gain Personal Insight - Recognize individual personality traits. Identify individual goals and criteria for success.

* Set Goals - Identify team goals and criteria for success. Learn how personal and team goals mesh.

* Build a Team - Create a team approach to problem solving. Create "Harmony in the Herd".

* Give Back - Fees from your Team Building Event will be used to help others!

Reserve your date today! We invite a company representative to meet with us in advance to plan your unique experience. Customized pricing and schedules available.