"My family and I started going to equine therapy after we saw little progress with traditional talk therapy. Being a military family with combat-related PTSD and being a Gold Star family who experienced a combat-related death, we were in desperate need of help. While I was skeptical at first, their therapists quickly put our minds and hearts at ease with their demonstration of professionalism and compassion. We overcame many family obstacles in months, versus the years we sat in an office. The interaction with the horses was life-changing for our family. These horses became a part of our healing with greater impact than I could ever imagine. It impacted me so greatly, I was able to move forward and write a book about my healing journey after losing my brother in Afghanistan. PAWS was instrumental in that healing process. I can't thank them enough for the love and care and generosity to our veterans that they share."   Renee N.

"This is a place of healing and bonding where learning the skills needed to combat PTSD are taught. Thank you Paws for Reflection Ranch, Sarah, and Cherokee for helping me through this rocky time in my life and for continuing to help my brothers and sisters in arms. You Rock!!!"   Scott N.

In an interview with the media, Lavon J. said he struggled with a drug addiction until he entered the Boots of Honor program and was paired with Thunder. "I have a real bond with this horse. I can come in here and talk to them about anything. They pick up on what you feel, said Lavon."  He went on to say having that connection with Thunder is what motivates him to stay clean every week so he can return. "This program saved my life," Lavon said.  Lavon J.

Working in a group provided a major change for Charles S. "I'm kind of a gypsy," said Charles as he slowly stroked the side of his horse Tristen. "I don't have many relationships in my life family-wise. Just to come out here once a week and have something to take care of helps me come out of my shell," said Charles.  Since starting the program, he became more involved with volunteer and community events at the Liberty House and is able to handle the problems in his life, he said. "It takes me away to a different place and puts everything in focus because they are so gentle and peaceful", he said looking at Tristen with misty eyes.   Charles S.

"What a great place for everyone! I love it out at the ranch and the Veterans that I have had the honor of being out there with, have loved it and had a great time as well. What an awesome group of people, animal partners and amazing programs!"     Stacy K.

A word from our Veterans...

Boots of Honor

Military Veteran


Active Duty Programs

The Ranch Boots of Honor program is recognized as a quality program meeting the needs of the military veterans, active duty, and their dependents that live in our communities. We are the only facility offering animal and equine assisted counseling services, as well as, therapeutic horseback riding and horsemanship in the southern region of the D/FW metroplex. We partner with other Veteran support/service groups and receive referrals from both Dallas and Fort Worth VA's, the Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base and Grand Prairie Armed Forces Reserve Center. Many Veteran families prefer to contact us independently for services to receive much needed assistance on a personal level. 

Veteran services are confidential and include Equine Assisted Counseling, Therapeutic Horsemanship Groups, Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). Services are also available for the Veteran spouse and dependents, including Play Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapies for the youngest members of the family. Able to treat the entire family makes services here even more effective. Separate counselors, some of whom are veterans themselves) may see each family member individually, bringing them together as their sessions progress to facilitate new family dynamics. Not only is the Veteran trying to find a new "norm", but the family is as well.

Many Veteran families suffer financially. In order to not add to their financial hardship, our services are free to qualifying Veterans. Proof of Veteran status, such as the DD-214, are required. For those who have sacrificed so much, we believe it is important to give back by providing our Veteran services at no cost. Families are served at a discount of 50% of fees for service.

Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC) and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) are helpful for:
* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
* Moral Injury
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Family Dysfunction
* Addictive Behaviors
* Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
* Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
* Recurring Memories
* Sleeplessness
* Loss of Interest
* Nightmares
* Hypervigilance

More information regarding our Counseling Programs, Therapeutic Riding, and Horsemanship can be found on the specific services pages of our website.