Group Opportunities

Volunteering brings satisfaction in sharing our time, energy, and expertise to improve the quality of life for others.  At the same time, it enriches our lives by giving us the opportunity to feel needed, share a skill to keep busy, build a resume, meet new friends, or change gears after a day at work. It can even be an opportunity for family members to better connect.

Help us help others by sharing your skills at Paws for Reflection Ranch! Our various volunteer opportunities are for those ages 13 and up, and cover a variety of interests. Use the form below to get started today!

We need many hands to help us provide the services our community needs. As a working therapy ranch, there are many chores to be done on a daily basis. We could not keep up without the assistance of volunteers! 

* Love small animals? Spend time with our smallest Ranch partners in our Critter Cabin. Cleanliness is vital to keeping our animals healthy and happy, so cage cleaning is a daily job. Enjoy spending time with the animals, supervising their safe play in our interaction area or in outdoor pens providing exercise and enrichment time.

* Party animal? Help us during events held both on site and away from the Ranch.  Community events, such as Santa at the Ranch, and also  numerous events in the surrounding communities, provide a fun way to represent the Ranch and our mission. The Ranch also hosts private events for groups and extra hands are always a plus.

* Love the color green? We do too! and of course, it takes an untold amount of funding to provide our services to clients, many of which have the greatest need but lack the funds for services. We continue to provide free services to our veterans who have sacrificed so much. Join our Fundraising Committees. Our major annual fundraisers include the Horsepower Poker Run in the spring and Round Up Fundraiser in the fall.

* Young at heart? Part of the Ranch mission is to offer educational programs to promote the stewardship of animals and nature.  We offer field trips for special needs classes and organizations, after school programs, summer day camp, and Girl Scout badge workshops. Join in the fun as we teach about the Ranch animals and explore nature together.

* Aspiring Ranch Hand? The Ranch is on 15 acres of land with lots of opportunity to get your hands dirty. From mowing and "lumber-jacking" , to painting and construction,  there is always work to be done.  Put on your work clothes and jump right in. All jobs are important to the appearance and safety of the Ranch for our clients and animals.

* Prefer an office setting? Lend us your talents in the office helping us prepare for upcoming events and staying on top of the Ranch paperwork mountain. 

"I don’t think I can ever accurately express what the ranch means to me. It has made a profound difference in my life! I began volunteering in September of 2018 after a former student told me about it, their mission and how wonderful it was. I’ve always loved animals and being outdoors, so I figured I could volunteer once or twice a month for a few months. Little did I know, this place would become my safe haven— my favorite place on earth. Here I am, almost two years later, and I would be there all day every day if I could! I have a stressful job, but there has never been a day that going to the ranch hasn’t cheered me up and made me forget about the outside world. I feel myself stand up taller, smile brighter and feel more myself when I’m there. The animals can tell when you’ve had a bad day— and they respond as if they’re there just for you. If I had a choice, I would live at the ranch! I have told everyone I know about this place and how much it means to me. The funny thing is, I thought I was going to volunteer there to help them— but the truth is, they’ve helped me more than I ever knew I needed."

Susanna Rutledge

A word from our Volunteers...

Love to be around horses? Can you be available the same day and time each week? Be a therapeutic riding volunteer! Duties may include getting the horse from pasture, grooming and tacking up the horse, leading the horse during the lesson or side-walking alongside the rider for safety during the lesson. We promise you will be richly rewarded as you witness your rider progress week to week. Lessons may be held in our spacious covered arena, on our Sensory Trail, or along our Nature Trail. Great opportunity for light exercise and getting to know other team members. Horse experience preferred but not necessary.

Individual Opportunities

We love volunteer groups! We welcome corporate groups, church groups, youth groups (13 years and older), etc. to enjoy a day of volunteering at the Ranch. As you can imagine, there are always many projects to work on. Everything from painting, to cleaning, clearing brush, and building new activities for our clients. Great team building opportunity. We guarantee a rewarding experience filled with laughable moments. Call or email to schedule your group.


"I started volunteering only three weeks ago but I already feel the benefits of being a part of a community such as Paws for
Reflection Ranch. During volunteer hours, I am able to focus on the task at hand, be in the present moment, and take a life pause
to reflect on connecting with new people, animals, and nature which has left me with feeling more joy and gratitude for my day
to day life."    Volunteer Ali

Interested in Volunteering?

Therapeutic Riding Volunteer

"Dear Melode & Stan,

                How do I say "thank you"?
I feel so fortunate to have found the Paws ranch.  Although I've only been volunteering at the ranch for a little over a year, I feel like a part of a wonderful loving family.
               There have been so many rewards that I have witnessed.  There's been several children afraid to sit on a horse to becoming excited about being on the horse and led around the arena.   Some of the improvements may seem small to someone else, but seeing the rider want to help groom "their" horse and help saddle them is monumental.  There are riders who began with a volunteer leading the horse and another walking beside the horse to now being an independent rider. Some can now turn their horses and trot or making horse "whoa" when the rider feels anxious or out of control.
               There are so many activities offered for individuals as well as families.  The Easter Egg hunt is a big hit for everyone, as is the Christmas time celebrations.
               I was able to help with a field trip on the property which included visiting the Critter Cabin where the children could learn about different animals.  Their habitats, and the kind of foods they eat.  Touching a rabbit or chinchilla and even a hedgehog was all new to most of them.  Their eyes lit up when it was their turn to touch one of these animals.
               There was a trail ride around the property which was a scavenger hunt.  There were bird houses, minions, a bath tub, wheelbarrow, rabbits, roosters, and a cowboy could be found.  The kids loved looking for these things while balancing on horseback.  Hearing someone shout out "I see the minions" and pointing to them reminds me I am part of a special world through children's eyes.  Thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful world.
               Living so close, I wish I had found you sooner to begin this journey of wonderment and fulfillment in daily living among amazing people and loving animals.

 Thank you with love,
Pat Spaulding"

"Paws for Reflection Ranch is a game changer. These folks have created a marvelous place and atmosphere beyond my wildest dreams. To see the joy on the riders faces when they are facing such serious challenges fills my heart with so much joy it's hard to put into words.

Thanks for the opportunity to help,
Ronnie Dickson"