African Pygmy Hedgehog

Birthday: August 2019

Hazel and her sister Tilly joined us in June 2019.  They have become very active and engaging participants in the Play Therapy Program.   They love to travel to our marketing events and are enjoyed by all!

Dasher ("Dash")

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Birthday: October 31, 2014

Dasher loves attention and always looks forward to greeting visitors. He enjoys jumping, pouncing and leaping and chasing Rudy around the tree house.


Holland Lop Rabbit

Birthday: January 2016

Phillip is a very active bunny and loves to play. He is so cute with his floppy ears and big enough to hug! He is a popular playmate in our Play Therapy program.


Registered QH | Paint Gelding

Birthday: February 2, 2001

Cherokee, as the head of one of our herds, has all the qualities of a strong leader. He is noble and wise, and fancies himself to be quite a ladies man. He is a great ride, and would love to show you around the Ranch!


Haflinger | Palomino Gelding

Birthday: 2005

Tandy joined the PFRR family in June 2014. His prior home was in Amish country, where his job was pulling a cart. This guy is not only handsome and strong, but smart as a whip. 


Hanoverian | Gray Gelding

Birthday: December 14, 1998

Tristen absolutely loves to jump!! He loves the free feeling he gets while cantering on the cross country course. He loves people and is always happy to bring a smile to your face!


Appendix | Chestnut Gelding

Birthday: May 30, 2000

Bully joined our ranch family in January of 2014. He had a short career as a racehorse and raced under the name Genuine Bull. Bully then went on to become very successful at dressage and jumping.

Meet the Herd


​Paint Shire Gelding

Birthday: 2006

Willie was previously used as a pleasure horse for trail riding. 

He enjoys his new job in the ranch Therapeutic Riding and Equine Counseling Programs.


​Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding

Birthday:  2004

Bandit was previously used as a pleasure horse on trail rides.  He is enjoying his new career in the Ranch Therapeutic Riding and Counseling Programs. 


Appaloosa Mare

Birthday:  January 2004

Melody is owned by James Snow, one of our Therapeutic Riding Program volunteers.  We are very grateful that James shares Melody  with the Ranch.  She is beautiful inside and out and a great addition to our  riding program!


Russian Tortoise

Birthday: March 29, 2012

Sheldon loves exploring both  his indoor and outdoor habitats. He is quite the climber and surveys his kingdom from the roof of his log home. Dandelions from the yard are his favorite treat! 

Jesse James

Miniature Horse | Paint Gelding

Birthday: June 30, 2007

Jesse James was born to be a Rock Star. Check out that mane! When he's not singing and dancing around the pasture, you can find him snacking on hay and peppermint treats.


Miniature Longhorn

Birthday: 2016

Daisy joined the PFRR herd in January of 2017. Since she's still a baby, she tends to stick close to her best friend Donkey. Be sure to stop by her pasture to see how long her horns are growing!


Australian Shepherd

Birthday: January 2013

Austin is a sweet, lovable guy that enjoys running, snuggling, and riding in any vehicle that moves. He is always ready to give affection and play. Austin came to us from the wonderful folks at D.A.S.H. Dog Rescue.

​​Every animal at Paws for Reflection Ranch serves a specific purpose in the therapeutic services we offer. We partner our animals and professional team with our clients to promote healing, growth, and learning. 


Netherland Dwarf (male)

Birthday: 2013

Huey  previously lived in a school library with Elsie the Chinchilla and loved interacting with the children.  He loves his new job in the Play Therapy and Childhood Development programs at the Ranch. 

Meet the Minis

Meet the Critters


Orange Medium Hair Domestic

Birthday:  June 2016

Leo's pastime is eating!  He loves to get up close and personal with Ranch guests.  He's quite the lap cat!

Dasher ("Dash")

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Birthday: October 31, 2014

Dasher loves attention and always looks forward to greeting visitors. He enjoys jumping, pouncing and leaping and chasing Rudy around the tree house.


African Pygmy Hedgehog

Birthday:  August 2019

Tilly is Hazel's sister from the same litter.  She has been a great addition to the Play Therapy Animal Team!  Tilly has the lighter colored nose.   The sisters love to sleep together in their fleece pouch!


Chinchilla (female)

Birthday:  2016 

Previously lived in a school library and loved all the children.  When the school librarian retired, she wanted Elsie to be able to continue working.  Elsie is enjoying her new career in the Play Therapy Program.


Miniature Donkey

Birthday: 2012

Donkey joined the PFRR herd in January of 2017. He loves a good scratch between his adorable fuzzy ears, and you may hear him braying from his pasture to say "hello, friend"!


Bay Thoroughbred

Birthday: April 1998

Gunner was a hunter/jumper before joining us at the ranch in 2017.  He has been a great addition to our herd and to all ranch programs.  He is often seen hanging with Bully in the pasture.


Percheron Cross | Black Gelding

Birthday: February 2, 2003

Rex came to work with us in October of 2014. Rex previously pulled a cart for an Amish family in Ohio. Rex is gentle and very smart. He is very curious and doesn't miss a thing that happens around the ranch.



Birthday: 2011

Dusty loves to run, jump, and play. His fur coat is the softest on the Ranch. Ir's hard to stop petting him! Give him a treat and he will be your friend.


Quaker Parrot

Birthday: Unknown

Rico has become quite the greeter at PFRR. He'll keep you company by chatting while you're in line for the restroom, or just visiting the main office. He loves fruits and nuts, especially oranges and pecans!


Miniature Horse | Silver Dappled

Birthday: April 18, 2007

Tucker may be small, but he has a huge heart. His baby blue eyes can look straight into your soul - making him a wonderful buddy to talk to. He has a passion for jumping and would love to show you!


Dwarf Rabbit

Birthday: November 2012

Louie is a snuggler and likes to play ball. Though born with only a left ear, Louie can hear just fine. He likes to play with his brother, Roger and is patient with new friends.

Ellie Mae

Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig

Birthday: April 12, 2012

Ellie Mae may be a pig, but she thinks and acts much more like one of the Ranch dogs. Ellie Mae is very smart and knows many basic commands. Of course, she will do just about anything for a Cheerio!


Paint Quarter Horse

Birthday:  January 1999

Dixie retired from barrel racing to join us in our therapeutic riding  and equine counseling programs in 2017.  She is a very polite lady, loves people and loves her new job!

Ranger (Too)

Palomino Quarter Horse

Birthday:  April 10, 2010

Ranger is shared with the ranch by his owner Katelyn Crawford, one of our Therapeutic Riding Instructors.  Ranger has been a wonderful addition to both the riding and equine counseling programs!  He loves getting to work with his "Mom"!

Our Animal Team


Orange Medium Hair Domestic (male)

Birthday: 2018

Cheese and his brother Mac joined us as our two new barn cats.  They are very sweet and friendly with all who visit the barn.  Not so sweet with mice, but that's their job!

Rudolph ("Rudy")

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Birthday: November 14, 2014

Rudy is very sweet and likes to be held and pet. Like Dash, he was bottle fed and really enjoys affection from people. His favorite pastimes include munching on hay and playing King of the Hill with Dash.


Domestic Shorthair Cat

Birthday: July 4, 2007

Wrangler officially welcomes each visitor to the Ranch and requests only a belly rub for admission. While purring loudly, he will proudly escort guests around "his" house.


Percheron | Paint Gelding

Birthday: January 31, 2007

Thunder began his work at PFRR in April of 2015. While he may be large, he has a heart of gold, and would be a lap-horse if he could. He'd love for you to join him for a mosey around the Ranch!


Dwarf Rabbit

Birthday: November 2012

Roger likes to listen to music and loves conversation. Roger, like Louie, was born with only one ear, his right. He has a place for everything in his habitat and likes his things to be in the correct place, quickly fixing it after we "mess it up".


Quarter Pony | Sorrel Gelding

Birthday: February 2008

Ranger has a calm disposition and is a brave young guy. Ranger loves people and after he gets to know you, you'll have a friend for life - especially if you have treats! 


Orange Medium Hair Domestic (male)

Birthday: 2018

Mac and his brother Cheese joined us as our two new barn cats.  They are very sweet and friendly with all who visit the barn.  When not napping, they are on the prowl.


Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig

Birthday: July, 2012

Jethro has a sweet temperment and loves to snack! He also enjoys scratches under his chin and strolling along the nature trail - to search for yummy goodies, of course!

Sadie Jo

Lab Mix

Birthday: June 15, 2007

Sadie Jo loves being the top dog at the Ranch. If you can't find her running as fast as a bullet around our 15-acres, you can find her playing in a water hose (she's a huge help when cleaning out the horse trough!).



Birthday: January 16, 2012

Wyatt, nocturnal by nature, is often napping in his log home during the day. Once evening comes, he is busy running on his wheel and playing with his toys.