Equine Assisted Counseling is $120/session, $480/month. The Counseling Team includes the Licensed Professional Counselor, Horse Specialist, the Client, and the Horse. Clients benefiting from this program begin with weekly sessions for a minimum of 12 weeks. Then are assessed for progress toward reaching their goals and either graduate from the program or continue as long as progress is made. 

Traditional Counseling/Animal Assisted Counseling is $100/session, $400/month. The Licensed Professional Counselors partners with the Client's choice of Ranch Animal working together on the challenges keeping the client from living a full and rewarding life. This counseling program also begins with 12 weekly sessions.

Sponsor a special needs rider, at-risk youth, or veteran in one of our many programs.  85% of all our clients receive services from full or partial scholarships through donations, grants and fundraising events at the ranch.   Families with the greatest need for our services are typically those without the financial means to access them. Your donation can make a huge difference in many lives!

Make your secure donation to our Client Scholarship Fund online today or contact the Ranch, 972-775-8966 or pawsforreflection@att.net, for more information.​

​Private Therapeutic Riding Sessions are $40/session, $160/month.
Clients benefiting from this program ride once per week and typically remain in the program for multiple years because of the wonderful progress and goals achieved. Both mentally and physically challenged riders benefit from this therapy.

​Play Therapy is $100/session, $400/month
and utilizes our smaller ranch animals housed in our Critter Cabin along with a wide variety of toys for the child to select from and play with during their session with our Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Play Therapy. Children ages 3 to 8 years old benefit from this type of counseling because their primary method of communication is play. How they interact with the toys and small animals provides insight and feedback to the counselor for assisting the child to processing their challenges and achieve life skills and goals established by the parent/guardian.

Client Scholarship Fund