Paws for Fun

​Girl Scouts

Badges: Earn your Girl Scout badge at Paws for Reflection Ranch! All of our badges are written age specific and are unique to allow the troops to come back for each level and have a completely different learning experience. Thus all materials are for the girls doing that specific badge as we strive to keep them affordable.

Animal-related badge workshops offered for all levels:

* Daisies (K-1) - Three Cheers for Animals
* Brownies (2-3) - Pets
* Juniors (4-5) - Animal Habitats and Outdoor Art Explorer
* Cadettes (6-8) - Animal Helpers
* Seniors (9-10) - Voice for Animals

Special needs welcome. For more information, and to schedule your Girl Scout Troop, please contact us.

elp us to help others by designing and building new activities for our clients and animals to earn your Girl Scout award! Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award projects are available for Girl Scouts. We will meet with your Girl Scout for a tour of our 15 acre Ranch. As we tour, we can interview each other to find out the Girl Scout's interests and the goals your Girl Scout would like to accomplish. We will give at least 3 projects with a variety of focus to choose from or your Girl Scout is welcome to suggest an idea of her own. We can find just the right project for your Girl Scout.

Click here to watch Katlyn Woods Silver Award Project Video

Click here to watch Catherine Shepard's Gold Award Project Video

Boy Scouts

wards: Looking for a challenge? We have Eagle Scout Projects available. Let us show your Boy Scout around the Ranch and discuss potential projects that will benefit the Ranch clients and/or animals. Many projects involve construction from the ground up, providing opportunities for detailed planning, leadership, and production.


Paws for Reflection Ranch is happy to help Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts fulfill their volunteering needs. We do ask that on-site volunteers be at least 13 years old.  Participants  between the ages of 10-12 may volunteer with a parent present.  We might also suggest outreach opportunities as an alternative for on-site volunteering.  Check with us to learn more.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are evaluating visits on a case by case basis.

After School Program: For girls and boys, ages 7 and up, who share a passion for animals. Participants will have the opportunity to interactively learn about the Ranch animals, visit with special guests from the community, meet new friends, and participate in service projects. Meetings alternate Tuesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm, during the school year. Please go to our website calendar to see what days Paws for Fun meets.

Summer Day Camp:
For girls and boys, ages 7 and up. Participants will interactively learn about nature and animals, as well as meet special guests from the animal community. Games and crafts round out the fun!

A word from our Guests...

The Ranch mission includes teaching good stewardship of animals and nature. Programs, whether on site or away, are designed to interactively teach about the animal kingdom and/or the natural world around us. ​

Scout Programs

"My daughter, who has ADHD and suffers from anxiety, has always loved animals! When she and I toured the Paws for Reflection Ranch she was in heaven. She was absolutely fascinated by all of the animals and resources they have. From the goat tree house, to the sensory trail, to the swing set, to the pavilion, and the vast open land that sits in the middle. She had never met a pig before and could not wait to start the Paws for Fun group. The group and camp are not only informative, they are also fun and the crafts that they incorporate are wonderful. We have fed birds with the bird feeder they made, attracted honey bees, lightning bugs, and many other things with the group-made crafts. My daughter has been exposed to and learned about animals that she otherwise would not likely interact with or learn detailed information about. She also has learned many things about herself. That she can catch a snake, scratch a pig's back, interpret horse behavior, and how to approach unfamiliar animals safely, etc. Thereby boosting her self-esteem and confidence all while allowing her to naturally manage her anxiety in a setting that caters to her specific learning needs.

The group, camp, and the entire ranch has been nothing but a blessing to my daughter. She loves the vast space which allows her to explore nature, the laid-back friendly nature of the group leader and the volunteers. Paws for Reflection Ranch is a hidden gem in Midlothian, Texas."             Camille Davis Hayes

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! The kids have not stopped talking about the (field) trip, and I know they won't for weeks! They love the time in nature, and your staff's vast knowledge of animals and wildlife truly captured their interests! As a teacher of special needs students, I thoroughly appreciate your flexibility, fun and engaging activities, and most of all the way you love and respect the children and their needs.

We love how the students are learning (lots!) in such a relaxed and therapeutic environment. It's obvious that y'all have a true passion for both nature and students, and bringing the two together! Kudos to all of your hard work and amazing ideas! The experiences our kids get at Paws will be treasured for a lifetime."   Julia O. - Walnut Grove Middle School

"We brought a group of special needs students from Grand Prairie here for this great experience. Many of these students have never experienced anything like this before. They continued to talk about their experiences for many days after their visit. We will definitely return. Thanks for your great hospitality."  Nanette C.

"Such a beautiful ranch! My girls loved it! Everyone there was so nice! Thank you for having us."  Karlina L.

The Ranch offers an interactive guided learning experience in a natural setting that focuses on the stewardship of animals and nature in a peaceful and beautiful ranch setting. Field trips are available to special needs classes and groups, support organizations, group homes, as well as, youth-at-risk camps and organizations.

At Paws for Reflection Ranch you can . . .

* Interact with our various small animals in our Critter Cabin (hedgehogs, rabbits, chinchillas, tortoise). Learn about their habitat, what they eat, and characteristics specific to their species.

* Learn about the care and keeping of horses in our Barn. Meet one of our horses up close and capture the moment with your camera!

* Meet and interact with our other Barn friends, the goats and miniature pot-bellied pigs. Visit with our miniature longhorn and miniature donkey. Enjoy an activity such as walking an obstacle course with the miniature horses.

* Explore our Nature Trail and observe the wonders of nature. Find hidden treasures through guided activities, such as a look & see scavenger hunt.

* Or create your own unique experience customized for your group with Tannis Lambert, Director of Educational Programs. If you have an area of study you would like us to talk about, please let us know so that we may be able to incorporate it into the presentation to better partner with your classroom learning.

For more information, and to schedule, please contact us.

Occasionally, the Ranch animals and Team hit the road. In certain situations, it makes more sense for us to come to you. Of course, not every animal can come for a visit. Depending upon the location and type of event, we will decide the most appropriate animal(s) to bring along. We are not a petting zoo, however, so our visits are educational in nature and events must meet a certain criteria. Call the Ranch for more information. 

Off-Site Visits

Senior Citizen Group Visits

Educational Programs

Field Trips for Special Groups

Visit our facility, or let us come to you! We welcome Seniors to the Ranch and can tailor the experience to be as active as you like. The group will meet and interact with the small Ranch animals in our climate controlled Critter Cabin, promoting social stimulation and emotional well-being. Guests are invited to stroll along the Nature Trails and enjoy the treasures they will see on their way. The Barn experience will include meeting a full-size horse and visiting wtih our miniature horses, donkey and other animals. Many Seniors grew up on ranches or had ranches of their own and Paws for Reflection Ranch is a beautiful, peaceful setting in which to reminisce.

Better for us to visit your facility? Contact us about setting up a monthly visit. We will plan different animal guests and activities to engage our audience. An exciting addition to your facility's monthly calendar of events.