Animal Sponsorships

Our Ranch Animals are so important to all the healing and learning programs at the ranch. They create what we like to call the "Ranch Magic" when partnered with Licensed Counselors and Therapists as part of the care team. Our horses and over 35 ranch animals used in Counseling, Play Therapy, and Therapeutic Horseback Riding add so much to the healing process. They promote focus or distraction when needed, and they create loving relationships with the clients. They become the objective third party to take the pressure away from potentially difficult interactions and conversations. How a client interacts with an animal and how the animal responds to the behavior of a client can provide valuable insight into how the client may interact with other people in their lives. 
​Sponsor a Ranch Animal online today or contact the Ranch, 972-775-8966 or, for more information.​

Daily care, feeding, hay, vitamins, supplements, annual vaccinations, and veterinary care sure adds up but the value these animals provide to the therapy programs is priceless. Thank you for considering sponsorship of our wonderful animals to help us with these expenses.

Sponsor a Horse: $200/month $2400/year

Sponsor a Barn Animal: $75/month $900/year
(Pigs, Goats, Miniature Horses)

Sponsor a Critter Cabin Animal: $30/month $360/year
(Rabbits, Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Tortoise)