Youth-at-risk are defined as youth at risk of social or academic failure. Based upon the youth's age and maturity, our counseling staff will recommend a method of counseling that is most suitable. From Play Therapy to Equine Assisted Counseling, the therapist will assist with designing goals and activities that will help the client move forward. Clients may be recommended for a Therapeutic Horsemanship group with peers of the same age and similar goals.

Sessions will focus on:           

* Developing observation skills and importance of self-regulation

            * Improving communication skills and learning how to build trust

            * Learning about pressure and how it impacts self and others

            * Learning about having responsibility and caring for others

            * Overcoming obstacles, real and perceived

           * Overcoming fears and understanding boundaries and limits

            * Healthy competition and conflict resolution    (in group setting only)

           * Developing leadership skills    (in group setting only)

​Children and youth at risk can benefit from Ranch programs where our therapists incorporate horses and other animals to teach valuable life skills. 

Youth at Risk Programs

Youth at Risk Programs