The interconnection between individuals and animals provides benefits on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Our dream is for our Ranch to provide a serene and caring environment where one can take a break from the busy day-to-day world to "pause and reflect".

Therapeutic Horsemanship & Riding

Just wanted to write and say thank you for allowing us to be a part of Paws for Reflection Ranch.  Our twin boys, Matthew and Seth, would not have been able to come as far as they've come without the therapy they received attending the ranch.

When the boys first started, two and a half years ago, one was pretty much non-verbal, lacked making eye contact, and did quite a bit of hand flapping.  Soon after beginning therapy at Paws, he realized his love for horses and confidence in himself.  He began to verbalize a lot more and his hand flapping decreased. His connection to both the instructor and the horse became one of a kind, and shortly after, Matthew began to make more eye contact and verbalize his needs, wants, and even what he didn't want.  Today, he finds himself in his 4th semester of Piano, something we tried to put him in years ago but he could not focus, talk, or stop “swimming” long enough to play something that comes naturally for him.

Seth, his twin brother, also received therapy at the Ranch.  Seth began with severe sensory issues along with Asperger’s and ADHD.  Textures, noises, smells, tastes, and fear of the unknown, as well as, defiant and oppositional behavior were huge issues.  Like Matthew, he too found his love for horses and looked forward to all of his therapy days.  With the amazing help of Equestrian Therapist (PATH Intl Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor), Kylie Heath, Seth learned self confidence, courage, to focus and listen, and most importantly, control.  Today, Seth finds himself in Tae Kwon Do.  He has received his 3rd belt and is able to control his impulsiveness. He can now handle being in a room with more than four people, and is doing much much better handling the unknown.

Both my husband and I truly believe that Equestrian Therapy, Play Therapy and Music Therapy at Paws for Reflection Ranch helped the boys overcome many obstacles, gave them the security and confidence in themselves to try new things, allowed them to learn some independence (something very difficult to teach as a Mother of Twin Autistic Boys), and it even helped my husband and I in a way you may not even know.

We saw what our boys are capable of learning, what they can do at such a young age, and it gives us a piece of mind for what is yet to come in their life.

Thank You!  Without your generous help, without the Therapists and the Horses...we would definitely not be where we are today.

With sincere appreciation,
Daniel and Blanca Sherwin

I came out and rode a horse - because I am a cancer survivor and my husband had cancer last year. I rode for emotional therapy. The horse's name was Charlie. Charlie and I bonded instantly. I hugged his neck and gave him so many kisses. I actually "cried on his shoulder"...

Charlie will always remain close to my heart for what he did the day I rode him - he was just amazingly magnificent and gave so much love to me. He gave me what I needed - someone to talk to - and while I was brushing him - I talked to him and he listened and it was an amazing experience…

Please tell Charlie I will be out there soon to spend time with him. I need someone to talk to - and he
 sure is an amazing listener. He is my dear friend…Cancer has left me with some health struggles and Charlie and those other magnificent horses - they make everything better. They bring back the hope that I need to hold on to.”


Counseling Programs

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for another superb Christmas party fo Buffalo Creek Chapter's abused children.  This is the second year you've hosted our Christmas party and it seems to get better every year.  Your staff not only caters to our every need but is also aware of our special needs and does a fantastic job!

B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) is very protective of our abused children and there are not too many venues we feel comfortable with.  Abused children have had so much taken away from them and it is such a relief to see an organizatio such as the Paws for Reflection Ranch who can give back a little of what these children haver lost and put a smile on their face.  It was nice seeing the children be kids again.  The close up interaction with the animals this year had a tremendous effect on our children not to mention the "big kids".  Everyone left with a smile and lots of wonderful memories!"

Brad "Wolf" Davis
B.A.C.A. Buffalo Creek Chapter

"Boots of Honor" Military Programs

"This is a place of healing and bonding where learning the skills needed to combat PTSD are taught.  Thank you Paws for Reflection Ranch, Sarah, and Cherokee for helping me through this rocky time in my life and for continuing to help my brothers and sisters in arms.  You Rock!!"

S. Noble

"I have a real bond with this horse (Thunder).  I can come in here and talk to them (the horses) about anything.  They pick up on what you feel.  This program saved my life."


"I'm kind of a gypsy.  I don't have many relationships in my life family-wise.  Just to come out here once a week and have something to take care of helps me come out of my shell.  It takes me away to a different place and puts everything in focus because they (the horses) are so gentle and peaceful."


"On behalf of the VA North Texas Health Care System, I would like to thank you and the members of Paws for Reflection...The support that you have given to provide Veterans with enjoyable recreational activities is to be commended. Your assistance contributes significantly toward their well-being.

lt is gratifying to know that there are people like you and the members of Paws for Reflection who are concerned for Veterans. Thank you for your kindness to the Veterans."

Department of Veterans Affairs

Special Needs Programs

"Paws For Reflection Ranch has been amazing in our journey with our special needs daughter. When we started at the Ranch, our daughter was not social and made minimal eye contact; she was diagnosed with Autism in December 2010. She had many sensory issues along with a major speech delay and would not even attempt to get on a swing let alone a horse. I am proud to say, that our daughter will now swing on swings, ride horses, and take direction much better than she did six months ago and she is now extremely verbal!

The staff at the amazing. They are open to each child's needs and wants and are willing to listen to the parents and what they are looking to accomplish. This has been a blessing for our family and helped our daughter tremendously! I cannot say enough in words how blessed we are to have opened the social, emotional, verbal and sensory issues with our daughter due to Paws for Reflection Ranch and their staff.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this journey with Autism an easier process. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and determination to help others and watch them succeed. We appreciate you all more than you know and are blessed to have found such a wonderful place to watch our daughter grow."

The Atwood Family
Midlothian, Texas

"Our daughter’s disabilities had led her to be extremely self-conscious and withdrawn in most public situations as she grew into a young lady.  Her cerebral palsy and learning delays were not observable or severe; however, she would become frustrated due to her misunderstanding and comprehension of certain life situations. She was hesitant to participate in unknown activities and take any risks.  Once she became involved at Paws for Reflection Ranch, we began to see a whole new young lady appear before our eyes. 

We found Paws for Reflection by chance on a search engine while surfing the internet, it happened to be close to our home, so she started at Horse Camp the very next week!!  Our experiences have not been short of amazing, she has been involved in Therapeutic Riding lessons, Girls Animal Lovers Society (GALS), camps, holiday events at the ranch, and literally everything we can make it to. Her increased confidence level has led her to participate in new school activities and try new experiences at home.  She is involved in theater and choir, she will initiate conversations with new acquaintances and now she cultivates her friendships more fully.  With her new confidence she even attended her Junior Prom and danced!!

We are very appreciative of this wonderful place; the staff has assisted her in growing, thinking, and maturing.  Her confidence has blossomed and emotionally she is developing beautifully.  Paws for Reflection Ranch has given her this ability and chance."

Brad and Amy Piland

Ovilla, TX

Special Needs Field Trips

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! The kids have not stopped talking about the trip, and I know they won't for weeks! They love the time in nature, and your staff's vast knowledge of animals and wildlife truly captured their interests! As a teacher of special needs students, I thoroughly appreciate your flexibility, fun and engaging activities, and most of all the way you love and respect the children and their needs.

We love how the students are learning (lots!) in such a relaxed and therapeutic environment. It's obvious that y'all have a true passion for both nature and students, and bringing the two together! Kudos to all of your hard work and amazing ideas! The experiences our kids get at Paws will be treasured for a lifetime."

Walnut Grove Middle School CBI

"On October 25, 2011, I attended a special event at Paws for Reflection Ranch...Ms. Kerry's (Community Based Instruction teacher at T.E. Baxter Elementary School) students visiting the Ranch. All of her children got to ride a horse that day, including the young child in the wheelchair. Oh, did he enjoy the ride."

Dr. Stewart
Midlothian ISD Superintendent

Music Therapy

"I cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Cora Lansdowne and the Music Therapy she provides at the Paws for Reflection Ranch.  Cora uses songs and various instruments to guide my young daughter with autism along a path of emotional, social, and practical learning and development.  My daughter loves most things musical, and through Cora's caring, commitment and skill, not only does my daughter enjoy her therapy sessions, she is benefiting from them too.  In the last year, I have seen improvement in my daughter's social interaction and attending skills, as well as, her self awareness and motor skills.  The therapy is affordable and effective; my only regret is that I didn't start my daughter in Music Therapy sooner.  We consider Cora to be not only a valuable resource to help my daughter, but also a valuable friend."

Duncanville, Texas

"If I have learned anything through my journey with my son Michael, I have learned how important it is to share information, resources and experience.  Michael was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. We view our journey as putting his puzzle pieces together.  Michael's ongoing Music Therapy at the Ranch with Ms. Cora is indeed a piece to his puzzle.

Over two years ago, I began researching Music Therapy.  I wondered what benefits it might produce for my sweet boy.  He could speak and was having success at school, but we were looking for the next level.  The next level for him was having the ability to comprehend words, both spoken and read.  Michael could read, but the comprehension aspect was very difficult and did not compliment his reading ability.  Ms. Cora is doing remarkable work helping Michael not only in this area, but also in so many more areas of his life.  She is very eager to understand who he is and continues to search for new ways to reach his goals.  I have seen amazing success.  Working closely with both my self and recommendations from the school, Ms. Cora formats Music Therapy to add to Michael's growth in life.
Michael is making connections between Music Therapy and literacy skills that are difficult for children with Autism such as inference and main idea.  In addition, Michael is becoming comforable with how he is and his autism.  

Michael enjoys his sessions with Ms. Cora.  He looks forward to meeting with her and when I ask him how it went, he responds by saying, "It was great!".

Being a parent of a special needs child can be stressful.  I am always searching for new ways to help my son.  Our journey is continuous; however, it is a great feeling of relief to have someone in our lives, like Ms. Cora, who has knowledge, experienve, and passion.  Music Therapy is a puzzle piece that is helpingto complete Michael's unique puzzle."


Summer Day Camps (Paws for Fun!)

"There was a flyer sent home from school with my grandson about 5 years ago. Since that time he has attended Kamp Kindness every summer. And according to James it is the best week of his year next to Christmas.

The staff at Kamp Kindness, I cannot praise enough. They are wonderful, caring young people
that work very hard to ensure that every camper has a wonderful experience every day. The staff to camper ratio is almost one to one and they get to know the campers. They learn how to read their moods. They listen and ask questions. They are in my opinion wonderful role models. But they know their main job is to ensure that the campers have a week they will well remember...

James has learned to accept others with all their differences. He has learned tolerance, care of animals and a love for them, and even how to mediate and take a few minutes to think before he

If you get the opportunity to send your child to Kamp Kindness I strongly urge you to take

advantage of it. I truly believe your child will find the experience to be a week full of great memories and lessons that will stay with them for a life time.

I want to thank Melode, Mandy and the other counselors for being a positive influence on my
boy and for having a heart to help children. I hope that they get as much joy from this week as the campers get."

Midlothian, Texas

"It is such an honor for us to partner with Paws for Reflection Ranch during Camp H.O.P.E. (Helping Others In Parenting Experiences). Camp H.O.P.E. was designed to help incarcerated mothers bond with their children in a day camp setting.  Bringing mother and child together with the animals really normalizes being a parent during this difficult time.  What an incredible sight to see the looks on the faces of the children and mothers interacting with the animals, running the obstacle course with Jesse James and Tucker, and petting Ellie Mae the potbellied pig. Paws for Reflection staff and animals have enriched the lives of all they have touched. We are so grateful that they have been able to provide their services, staff, and animals to our day camp and hope this partnership will continue for years to come."

N. Briscoe, LMSW, Social Worker, Federal Medical Center Carswell
Fort Worth, Texas

"This (Horse Camp) is the one and only camps my children say they cannot miss.  They love it so much that any prospect of missing camp would result in an eternal silent treatment.  We love that horse camp "fills our daughters' buckets"."

Barbara M.
Midlothian, Texas

"Harmony in the Herd" (Company & Group Teambuilding)

"Paws for Reflection Ranch hosted a fun-filled day for the "Bigs" and "Littles" of BIg Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County.  Through a variety of engaging activities, our Mentors and Mentees learned many things about animals and teamwork.  They also had an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors.  The Ranch staff was easy to work with, welcoming to our group and very knowledgeable.  The trust building activities and animal interaction created memories and bonds that will be cherished."

Julie Thompson, Program Generalist for Big Brothers Big Sisters

"Paws For Reflection Training Team, Wow, thank you so much for the phenomenal team building facilitation you provided. We had a wonderful experience. Thank you!"

Dr. Kyle Heath, Superintendent of Cleburne ISD and the CISD School Board of Trustees

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